• Office Setup

    You do require the internet access for having the application of Microsoft 365. Visit Microsoft365.com/setup and redeem your product key. From installing of the app to activating of the new releases, having the access to internet is a must requirement.

  • How to register for Microsoft365.com/setup Account?

    Registering for Microsoft365.com/setup account is simple and can be done by following the basic procedure:

    1. Reach the microsoft365.com/setup online

    2. Or find the Microsoft Cloud Partner site

    3. Thereafter, click the “Create New Account” for setting up your own individual account

    4. Before registering, ensure to have an outlook or Skype account and e-mail that is linked to Outlook

    5. Or you have the access to an active mobile number

    6. Then, click on NEXT tab

    7. Proceed towards creating a strong password

    8. And complete the process by accepting the terms and conditions.

  • How to Install Office Setup on Windows?

    Have the office step installed on windows with easy steps:

    1. Reach the microsoft365.com/setup for office setup on windows

    2. Then sign in or create a new Microsoft account, if you don’t have an account

    3. Enter your Microsoft Office Product key on the desired column

    4. Then go on towards selecting your country and language in which you wish to use the setup.

    5. Finally, download the Office Setup

    6. And follow the expected on-screen instructions to run the office setup on windows

  • How to Redeem Gift From microsoft.com/redeem?

    Follow these tips to redeem gift from microsoft.com/redeem:

    1. Redeem the gifts from Microsoft at microsoft.com/redeem website. And spend the money received at Microsoft store online, windows, and Xbox. Where you can get the facility of movies, TV shows, and surface, Xbox, apps, accessories, etc.

    2. Whatsoever, gift cards do not work at physical Microsoft Stores or microsoft.com/redeem now.

    3. Which means you cannot buy Microsoft 365 with a gift card. and you can't visit for redeem.

    Where Will I Find My my account Product Key?

    You can find your office product key after purchasing the Microsoft office solution, which you can particularly purchase online where you will find the product key on your e-mail, or if you purchase the office product key card, your product key will be inside the package on a label, or in case of buying a Microsoft office on a disc, the product key will be inside the packaged label of the card. Then, Visit Microsoft365.com/setup and redeem your product key.

    What Is an Office.com my account Product Key?

    Product Key is an alpha numeric 25 characters unique code used to redeem or activate the Microsoft 365. And this is a one-time generated product key that can be used to redeem any other new copy of Microsoft 365 by visit Microsoft365.com/setup official site.

  • How is Office.com/activated?

    Find the steps to activate the Microsoft Office below:

    1. Firstly, go to the office.com/setup for activating the Microsoft Office

    2. Sign in your Microsoft account to execute. And if you don’t have an account create the one, by clicking at the Create new account tab.

    3. And then log in to your account and enter your office setup product key and click on NEXT tab.

    4. Here, you have your Microsoft office activated.

    5. And then click on the download and once the downloading process is completed, click on the finished tab on the office.com/setup.

    6. Bingo, office.com/activate process is complete and now you can start using Microsoft Office apps.

    Where Can I Get The Technical Assistance for Microsoft365.com/setup?

    You can find the support and assistance for all kinds at support.office.com/setup wherein one can find details regarding install/uninstall, billing, download, product key, order status, product use and activation.

  • What Happens to My Documents After Subscription for Microsoft 365 Ends?

    As the subscription term for office setup comes to an end, you receive the notification about the same on your registered e-mail id. But you don’t get the liberty to create the new document or edit the exist document on microsoft365.com/setup. And if you choose to not renew the subscription, you can only print the existing document.


    Additionally, you get the facility to download the files for up to 3 months. Moreover, the additional storage for the document gets lost after the subscription ends. Therefore, you must buy another one drive storage to free the exceeding quota of the storage.

  • Do I Have The Flexibility to Change The Language Preference in Microsoft 365?

    Yes, you do get the facility to change the language preference in Microsoft 365. As the software is the solution for multilingual individual, businesses and families. Each time you install the office.com/setup, you get the advantage to select the language preference.

    How to Uninstall Microsoft365.com/setup?

    Find all the details to uninstall your Microsoft 365 on account.microsoft.com. And for removing the Microsoft 365, you need to reach the PC’s control panel and uninstall the Microsoft 365. or can leave office.com/setup in the deactivated mode wherein the read only mode, you receive the access to your documents. But you cannot EDIT or CREATE any new document on the software.


    What are The Mobile Apps That are Available for Microsoft 365 and How Can I Update Them?

    There are varied kinds of mobile apps that are available for Microsoft 365 that are specifically designed for the office for iPad, office for iPhone, office for android tablet, and office for android phone where your mobile app notifies you about the latest version of the office setup that can be updated by you.


    Should I Keep My Product Key After office.com/activate is Done?

    Yes, you must keep your product key with yourself as a proof of your purchase for further inquiry and to support the trace of your product. Visit office.com/activate and

  • Can I Avail The Trails For Microsoft 365?

    Yes, you can avail the free trail of Microsoft 365 before microsoft365.com/setup for 1 month by signing up for free from the website. And the free trail allows you to have the access to all the features of the office. But you need to have the credit card to avail the feature of free usage.


    How to Download Office Setup?

    1. Log in to www.office.com/downloadoffice and sign in at the page

    2. After you have signed in, enter office.com myaccount product key

    3. And click on the install button

    4. Thereafter click on the download button

    5. And once the download process is over, your Microsoft 365 gets installed.

    Note: The timing for download varies according to the speed of your internet and for additional help log in to the support.office.com/setup

    Is the Microsoft365.com/setup Identical on Both PC and Mac?

    No, the software for Microsoft 365 is not identical for PC and Mac as its build depending upon the operating system. The app’s features that are available for PC users are different from the Mac’s app. But Microsoft 365 is flexible and allows you to switch the version of office.com/activate criteria from PC to Mac.

  • What to Do After My Free Trial Ends at Microsoft 365?

    Your one month’s free trail must be turned off by logging in to www.office.com/downloadoffice. By this your trial gets over within a month’s trail. And in case of not doing so, you fall into the trap of recurring bill payments. In other case, if you sign up for the Microsoft 365 on a new PC after a month, it expects you to purchase the desired plan.

    What are The Terms for Subscription in Microsoft 365?

    You get the facility of monthly and yearly subscription in Microsoft 365. Where for the yearly subscription you are notified about the charges associated for the subscription and its deduction. But in case of the monthly subscription, no information is shared to the user, and the desired amount gets debited from the bank account for the monthly subscription.


    And if the payment mechanism doesn’t suit you, change your modes of payment for further deduction of the amount from the Microsoft 365. For more details and information regarding the same, connect at support.office.com/setup.


    How Do I Speed Up The Office Installation Process?

    You can try out these simple solutions for speeding up the office installation process, which constitutes of:


    Wired connection, temporary turning off the antivirus software, repairing online with control panel, or restart your PC and again try to reinstall it. for download setup of Microsoft 365 lets visit microsoft365.com/setup.

  • How Much Does It Take for Microsoft 365 to Update?

    The updating process of microsoft365.com/setup takes almost 4 hours to install itself completely. And this happens due to the added larger features and files in the office setup .

    How Do I Backup My Microsoft 365 Subscription or Office Product?

    You get the advantage to back up your Microsoft subscription in several ways, where the customers of Microsoft 365 can download or reinstall from the account.microsoft.com. or one can place the order for the backup DVD for the latest office product for a fee, by visiting at the office.com/backup.